Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Katy Perry: Wide Awake to the Importance of Facebook

Just a quick note today on the social implications of Katy Perry's new music video - Wide Awake (above).

Upon watching the video, you mighty be surprised by the lack of suggestive gesticulation, and potentially disappointed by the departure from her normal music video attire.  However what can be admired in this video is the understanding of the importance of her social media presence, and resultant promotion of it.

Whilst just about every celeb under the sun has a Facebook page, it's generally the more dedicated of fans that like.  Whilst this in some cases amounts to vast numbers, this is not the case for all - poor ol' Jim Davidson and his 1,886 likes.
Now Katy's 43m page likes would suggest she's the more bountiful in likes than most already.  But the video's acknowledgment of how much Facebook resonates with her target audience allows her to not only reach those already connected, but demonstrate to those unconnected viewers the content benefits connecting with her.

This not only results in a Katy Perry brand push to both current and lapsed fans, but the content of the video causes intrigue to this new audience and encourages a page visit.  This ultimately results in both a promotion of her latest catchy tune, but also a subtle yet measurable social media push.

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